Six compelling reasons you should have automatic doors on your business

Automatic doors are an increasingly popular choice for businesses of all types. Here are six compelling reasons to consider having an automatic door system installed at your company:


Automatic glass doors look great and can add an elegant, stylish feel to your company entrance. They look bright and modern and give off a fabulous first impression to your customers.

Disability Discrimination Act

Companies in a lot of industries have a legal obligation to ensure disabled people can access the premises easily. Even if your business does not need wheelchair ramps and lifts for disabled people, automatic doors are much easier to navigate.

Ease of access

Automatic door systems also improve accessibility for people such as parents with pushchairs or older individuals. If your customers are carrying large or heavy items they have bought from your business then automatic doors are a lot easier to get through.

Everyone has experienced the nightmare of trying to get through a big, heavy door while carrying a lot of shopping and automatic doors solve that horrible problem.


Automatic doors offer an extra level of security to your building, as the glass is a lot stronger than a typical window or a safety door.

If security is a key concern for your business then an automatic door system is a great choice and the investment can pay off with the added peace of mind it provides.

Energy savings

Any business with heavy footfall will be aware of the heat loss through the doors regularly opening and closing.

This can add a lot of money on to energy bills, but automatic doors and window maintenance can counteract this cost. Over the long term, a lot of money can be saved from your energy bills so buying automatic doors is a good business decision too. As well as the energy savings, an automatic glass door lets a lot of natural light in too.

Relieving queues

Keeping customers waiting is bad news in every type of business, so any method of relieving queues ought to be considered.

An automatic door system is a great way to keep people moving steadily and stop them from becoming impatient if they have to wait to get into your business. Automatic doors also help to avoid congestion around the exit and entrance to your building.

Buying automatic doors in Essex from Windoor Maintenance is a great way to protect your business, give it an elegant entrance and improve energy efficiency.